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Merit & R.E.F. Ideal Winners

Posted on 23rd July 2014

Congratulations to the Summer Term Merit winners in Year 7,8 & 9. Merits are collected over the term and are classified as academic or citizenship merits. The winners in each category are awarded with vouchers.

Merit Winners in Academic Category 

Year 7    Indumita Prakash        Alistair Glossop

Year 8    Melissa Williams        Thomas Christie

Year 9    Katie Reddish               Powly Wijayratna

Merit Winners in Citizenship Category 

Year 7    Eleanor Shepherd        Tegan Hinch

Year 8    Ailsa McTernan            Lydia Handsley

Year 9    Gabriella Clark              Bethany Brewin        Lauren Shale








Congratulations also to the R.E.F. Ideal winners in Year 7, 8 & 9. Students are nominated by their peers for showing the values of Respect, Excellence and Friendship across the summer term. Then the students with the most nominations receive votes from staff. The students with the most votes are awarded a certificate and pin badge.

 Year 7                       Year 8                    Year 9

Respect         Anna Carter                Abdul Wasey          Evie Bainbridge

Excellence    Will Tate                     Joe Laverick            Michelle Zietsman

Friendship    Sophie Grainger           Sophie McCulloch    Arjun Menon