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New School Council

Posted on 30th September 2013

The New School Council

We recently had elections for the School Council and the Sixth Form Council.  I am very grateful to every student who put themselves forward to be elected by their peers and I am particularly proud of those students who won the trust of their peers and have been elected.  I list below those students who have been elected to the School Council and which form they are representing and those students who have been elected to the Sixth Form Council, which deals particularly with Sixth Form issues.  Our Senior Prefect Team and Secretaries to the School Council sit on both Councils and I list them as well

School Council representatives

IMG_1772 IMG_1773

7X Eoin McHale  7Y Verbena Sajjad  7Z Molly Davey

8X Alexander Sedman  8Y Abdul Wasey   8Z Jack Mallinson

9X Gabriella Clarke   9Y Georgia Metcalfe   9Z Lauren Shale

10X Ellie Hill   10Y Caroline Bassett  10Z Niamh Raftery

11X Dan Finch  11Y Martha Kent  11Z Rebecca Jex

12DC Hamza Ejaz   12SM  Henry Fielding   12NR Noah Phillips   12GJ Sheehan Quirke


Senior Prefect Team:  Head Boy – Matthew Walker; Head Girl – Antonia Feilden; Deputy Head Boy – Liam McHale; Deputy Head Girl – Blythe Holland; Secretaries to the School Council – Harrison Holland and Jinjin Guo.

Sixth Form Council representatives

Year 12 Ben Stacey (12DC), Henry Fielding (12SM), Kenneth Ward (12RG), Sheehan Quirke (12LT), James Robertson (12SM), Elvira Norton (12LT)

Year 13 Dominic Ryan (13AH), Adam Butterfield (13GJ), Philip Moseley (13DW), Matthew Colley (13NR)