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Sixth Form Theatre trip to Hedda Gabler at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham

Posted on 9th February 2018

Hedda is not an ‘everyday’ kind of woman: she is trapped like an exquisite hummingbird in her own gilded cage, in this case, a beautifully lit empty box, an echo chamber for her desperate loneliness. The Hedda Gabler stage set, lighting and soundscape was breathtaking. Students from Y12 and 13 were treated to a memorable performance of Ibsen’s celebrated play. The stark, spare walls filled the stage, with no exits or entrances hinting at any life beyond. Hedda is literally trapped within the walls. The only light source was a huge window, throwing enormous angular shadows across the walls, with a palette of pale grey, golden peach and pink suffused lavender hinting at sunrise or sunset. This could have been an art installation, and with the addition of Joni Mitchell’s plaintive music, there were moments of pure beauty. This production, directed by Ivo Van Hove, was a beautiful but haunting adaptation.