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Ski Trip 2017

Posted on 22nd February 2017

On a snowy Friday morning in Caistor, the journey began. Ironically, the one day it snows was the day we were setting off to the Italian Alps. The classic race for the optimal seats began. Filled with excitement and curiosity for the new environment ahead of us, we set to Dover. Anticipations for the trip were still high as we arrived in Dover, even though it was already dark due to a 3 hour delay at Cambridge services. For some, this would be our first time boarding a ferry. The ferry was packed full of a diverse range of cultured people. By the time we sat back on the coach in France we were ready to try to get some sleep. When we woke up we found ourselves in the breathtaking valleys of Switzerland, some glorious views to be seen here.

Arriving in Bormio, the excitement and atmosphere of the bus began to bubble. Everyone was keen to get off the bus and go to their respective dormitories with their companions. The first day included getting our Ski equipment fitted but also relaxing and rejuvenating after the tiresome yet somehow enjoyable bus trip.

Skiing started the next day; we were up at early doors, filled with excitement for the fun week planned ahead of us. As we boarded the Gondola up to Bormio 2000, we then began to truly appreciate the opportunity the school had provided for us. Skiing started at 11am. We were put into our groups led by an Italian ski instructor. Group 4, the beginners had quite an interesting experience, learning the basics like how to snow plough, however as expected, a lot of falling over occurred. On the other hand, by the end of the week, they developed their ability into being able to parallel ski safely down red slopes. Group 1, the pros, skied magnificently from the beginning leaving the other groups in shock and awe of their amazing talent.

The rest of the week included days packed with polishing our ski techniques and après-skiing activities. Opportunities were going swimming, going to town, tobogganing and ice skating. We also went out for a meal one night to a quite wonderful Pizzeria. The journey home was not looked forward to by probably all the students not wanting to leave behind such an amazing place. We packed our bags and set off for Dover at 7:30pm on Friday evening. The ski trip was a wonderful experience for all. This was made possible thanks to our trip leaders Mr. Robinson and Mr. Shepherd, staff members, volunteers and our brilliant rep Csabi Kiss.

Click here to see photos from the trip