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Smashing Time At Warhammer Finals!

Posted on 27th June 2018

Four hopefuls from Caistor Grammar entered into the Warhammer finals at Warhammer HQ in Nottingham on Tuesday 26th; after successfully going through both the qualifying round and semi-finals.  The team (consisting of: captain Joe Wilkinson, Zak Morgan, Dakota Sylvan and Jack Mallinson) travelled by car in the early hours of the morning, accompanied by bass-boosted music, both courtesy of Mrs Donoghue.
On arrival to the ‘Empire Castle’ the realisation of the stiff competition became apparent, when seeing the other contestants’ delightfully painted models.  Never deterred, they continued to their first game, where they were met with a myriad of defeats.  Not disheartened, the team went into the next game hopeful and ready for whatever the next round would throw at them (most probably dice).  This was met with a spluttering of success, with a majority of the team winning their matches.
Re-fuelled on the delicious burgers at Bugman’s Bar (the quaint, themed restaurant at the event) the final round approached: it was all to play for.  Due to the uncertain start at the beginning of the contest, it was anyone’s game.  As the amount of points are never made clear until after the event, even with all four ‘generals’ winning their matches in the final round, no one was sure who had won.  As tensions rose in the arena, whilst the votes were been counted and verified the self-proclaimed ‘world-famous Warhammer quiz’ took place.  The Caistor club took first place.
To their delight, they won, making them the 2018 School League Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions.  They also won the prize for Most Sporting Team, which a Warhammer representative said was of equal importance to the prior award, encapsulating the spirit of Warhammer.  Personal awards went to Joe Wilkinson, for best general and Jack Mallinson, for most honourable player.