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Statement about catering at Caistor Grammar School

Posted on 15th January 2015

Caistor Grammar School was inspected on 2nd December 2014 by a West Lindsey District Council Senior Environmental Health Practitioner, and received a one star rating. We were disappointed with the fall in ratings which was primarily due to the inspection taking place following a period of staff sickness which resulted in an administrative oversight of an aspect of the paper work. However, all Health and Safety rules had been strictly adhered to. We have made it a priority to address all issues or recommendations raised in the inspection report, and we will be requesting a revisit at the earliest possible opportunity.

Caistor Grammar School has had a rating of 5 throughout the last decade and our Catering Manager was invited to cook a lunch at the prestigious Winteringham Fields Restaurant in December as part of a School lunch catering initiative. Also over 600 magnificent Christmas lunches were served to students and staff before Christmas.

Mr Roger Hale, Headmaster, said “This unfortunate occurrence resulting from a staff absence is much to be regretted. We intend that it will not be repeated, and have reviewed our systems accordingly to ensure this cannot happen again. We would like to re-assure all students and their parents that we continue to serve quality food and maintain excellent food hygiene. This is an area of responsibility which we take very seriously.”