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The 2015 DfE Performance Tables

Posted on 22nd January 2016

This year’s DfE Performance Tables at both GCSE and A level provide an impressive and wide-ranging survey of Caistor Grammar School’s success, once again.

At GCSE, we are the leading school in terms of 5 A*-C including English in Lincolnshire for the 8th year running.   Our average point score (Best 8) is the leading score in Lincolnshire at 420.5 and the 69th highest score in the country.  Our total point score is 587.8 and this is not only the leading score in Lincolnshire but also the 35th highest score in the country.  In terms of the English Baccalaureate, our score of 88% it is the 2nd highest in Lincolnshire and the 34th highest in the country.  In terms of Value Added at GCSE, our score of 1027.1 is the 4th highest among all schools in Lincolnshire and the 2nd highest grammar.  This is particularly impressive since our students arrive at the School with high base line scores.

At A level, our average point score per candidate is the leading score in Lincolnshire at 1079.5 for the 13th year in a row and it is also the 23rd highest ranking score in the whole country and we are the 18th ranked state school.  In terms of average point score per entry, our score of 237.1 is the 2nd highest score in Lincolnshire.  When considering Value Added at A level, our score of +0.11 is the 5th Best Value Added score in Lincolnshire (and the 4th highest ranking grammar school).  Again this is very impressive given our extremely good GCSE results 2 years ago which are a baseline for this Value Added.

Much attention is given in the Performance Tables to the levels of progress that students make in both English and Maths.  Our score for English is 95% making 3 levels of progress and 93% for maths.  The English score is the 5th highest ranking one in Lincolnshire and the maths department’s score is the 6th highest ranking one in Lincolnshire.  An analysis is also done of A*-C pass rates across the curriculum.  The English department has the 3rd highest ranking score in Lincolnshire, the Maths department has the 5th highest ranking score whereas Science and Humanities both have the leading scores in the county and languages has the 5th highest score.

Meanwhile, our attendance score of 2.7% absence is once again the leading score in Lincolnshire.

Taken together, this vast amount of information gives a clear indication that whichever indicator is used Caistor Grammar School is right at the top of Lincolnshire and one of the leading schools in the country.  This is an enormous testament to the hard work and skill of our students and the commitment and talent of our staff.  We are also very grateful to the key role played by parents in supporting their children towards fulfilling their potential.  Congratulations to the whole CGS community!