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The “A Memorable Sixth Form Ball” Letter

Posted on 8th June 2016

A Memorable Sixth Form Ball

Over 160 students and staff enjoyed a really wonderful Sixth Form Ball at the White Heather, Caenby Corner, on Friday 27th May.  It was a beautiful evening and our students looked tremendous in all their finery as did many of my colleagues.  Much thanks go to the Sixth Form Ball Committee and especially Mrs Julie Wolseley, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, who was particularly thanked for all her good work in this role since it is a position she will be standing down from at the end of this Term.  Mr Terry McTernan, Head of Sixth Form, once more wrote an excellent speech, which it was my pleasure to deliver with him, mentioning every single member of Year 13.  A good collection of photographs of the evening is available on the School website by accessing our Flickr account.  Thanks go to Mr Kristian Smy for organising this and taking most of the photographs.

Highlights of the Half Term to come

The second half of the Summer Term is one of my favourite periods in the School year with an extraordinary range of trips and activities to enjoy.  Year 7 will be visiting Conisbrough and Roche Abbey with the History Department on Friday.  Thanks go to Mr Marcus Croft, Head of History, for organising this.  The following week, Year 7 will be visiting Whisby Nature Reserve over three days, courtesy of the Biology department.  Thanks go to Mrs Tara Taylor, Head of Biology, for organising this.  Year 7 have already enjoyed a fantastic trip to Walsingham in May with the RE Department.  Thanks go to Mr Andy Hay, Head of RE, for organising this.  Over 80 Year 7 students will be going on a residential trip to Newlands Adventure Centre from Friday 24th to Monday 27th June, which it will be my delight to lead.

Year 8 can look forward to a Languages Activity weekend running from Friday 10th June to Sunday 12th June.  Thanks go to Dr Dan Wilton, Head of German, for organising this.  Year 8 will also be attending an International Day organised by our International Ambassadors on Friday 24th June.  Students in Year 8 will also be going on a trip to Flamborough on 4th July arranged by the Geography Department.  Thanks go to Mr Nick Robinson, Head of Geography, for arranging this.

Year 9 exams will begin on Monday 20th June for one week.

Year 10 have already carried out practice and assessed Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award expeditions very successfully in very large numbers:  no fewer than 62 students were involved.  Thanks go to Mrs Jo Hoare for organising this and to her very large team of supporters.  There will be a Year 10 Geography field trip to Lincoln on Thursday 16th June.  Thanks go to Mr Nick Robinson, Head of Geography, for organising this trip.  Year 10 students are also going on a trip to Bletchley Park on Tuesday 14th June arranged by the Computing Department.  Thanks go to Mr Tom Smith, Head of Computing, for organising this.  Year 10 work experience runs from Monday 11th July to Friday 15th July.

Year 12 have a Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Training Day on Sunday 12th June and will be going on their practice expedition from Friday 17th June to Monday 20th June.  The assessed expedition will run from Friday 1st July to Tuesday 5th July.  Students in Year 12 will be visiting the World War 1 Battlefields in Belgium and France on Friday 24th June until Sunday 26th June.  Year 12 will also have a Higher Education Evening on Thursday 30th June, an important and memorable two day Challenge of Industry on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th July and a chemistry trip to Hull University on Monday 11th July.

Other highlights of the half term include:

Year 10 will receive their Reports on Wednesday 22nd June.  Year 7 will receive their Reports on Wednesday 6th July.  Year 8 will receive their reports on Wednesday 13th July.  Year 9 will receive their Assessments on Monday 18th July.

Our Summer Term will end with our Commemoration Service on Thursday 21st July when our guest will be the Right Reverend Christopher Lowson, Bishop of Lincoln.

Staffing Developments

I am very pleased to tell you that Mrs Athanasia Ellerby has given birth to a daughter, Callista Faith.  We send best wishes to Mr and Mrs Ellerby.  We are very grateful to Ms Corrine Maddy who is working with the PE department during Mrs Ellerby’s Maternity Leave.

Mrs Anna Sharp and Mr Kristian Smy have been appointed to be in charge of Silver and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh schemes (respectively) in the School, working to support Mrs Jo Hoare, who is presently our Overall Co-ordinator; this role has grown considerably recently and will change to Centre Manager when the School becomes a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Directly Licensed Centre (DLC) in September.

I am also happy to report that we are fully staffed for September 2016 and have made a number of outstanding appointments in response to some staff retirements and departures.  One area that I want to particularly mention at the moment is that following Mr Tom Smith’s decision to leave us and embark on a new business career, we are creating a new department of Maths and Computer Science in the School.  Mr Chris Frost will be Head of this department and most members of the department will contribute toward the teaching of Computing.  At A level, the teaching will be led by Mr Michael Robinson who will be supported by Mr Kristian Smy (who is currently undertaking a Computing degree part time and who has recently been appointed as our IT Co-ordinator from September).  Mr Frost and Mr Robinson will be teaching Computing at GCSE.  I am sure that these arrangements will work extremely well for the School and will enable us to deliver high quality teaching in this important area of the curriculum in a sustainable way for the future.  One current vacancy still available is that of Exams Officer, a new position which has been created in the school.  It is currently advertised in the vacancies section of our website along with an advert for a Relief Cleaner.

Friends of Caistor Grammar School  

Recently the Friends of Caistor Grammar School organised an evening with Snake Davis which was a huge success and a remarkable evening enjoyed by a capacity audience.  We are extremely grateful to Snake Davis himself and his team of fantastic musicians for their impressive performances and also to those CGS students who had the privilege of performing with him.  Thanks also go to members of the CGS Friends for all their work and support to organise the event, especially to Sally Hare, for her special role.  Thanks also go to Mrs Frances Thompson, Head of Music, for her invaluable support of the event and its performers.

The Friends have also organised a raffle with some great prizes.  Tickets are £1 each.  We would be grateful for your support in selling as many tickets as possible.  A quiz night has also been arranged for Friday 1st July which will be held in the Old Hall and the price of the ticket will include a fish and chip supper.  Tickets will be on sale soon so please keep a look out on the school website for further information.

And finally……

You might be interested to know that our Assembly Theme for this Half Term is “Defining Moments and Themes”.  A parlour game which you might like to carry out is to consider for yourself – as I have done for my opening assembly of the Half Term – what are the 5 (only 5 mind, no cheating!) defining moments of your life.  This is an exacting challenge, I can tell you.

With very best wishes

Yours sincerely