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The “A Wonderful Sports Day” letter

Posted on 7th July 2014

We enjoyed a really fantastic Sports Day at King George V Stadium in Grimsby on Thursday.  The weather stayed dry and the sun even shone some of the time.  Once again the day was organised extremely impressively by our PE Department and special thanks go to Mr Andy Shutes, Head of PE, who acted as our announcer for the first time this year.  I am also very grateful to all my other colleagues for playing their part in ensuring that everything ran so smoothly.  These include everyone who was running an event as well as Mr Michael Robinson, who did all the statistical work, Mrs Anna Sharpe, Mrs Ailsa Wish and Mrs Monica Jacques in the First Aid tent and Dr Derek Carr, who was firing the starting gun for the very last time.  Thanks also go to our track judges and recorders whose precision enabled us to know that many School records had been broken.  We are also very grateful to the Friends of Caistor Grammar School for providing free refreshments to our students, which were very much appreciated.  Our Heads of House, Mr Steve Markham for Ayscough, Mrs Louise Triggs for Hansard and Mrs Fiona Cooke for Rawlinson did a splendid job and helped to create a wonderful sense of House loyalty and pride.  Our Sixth Form House officials and the Sixth Form generally did a tremendous job in supporting all that was going on and in motivating their students.  We had lots of colour, good humour and lively music as well as the serious competition.  The day was marked by some remarkable individual performances of excellence but also by many students who, whilst not natural athletes, did their bit for their House.  We are very proud of them all.  In the end it was narrowly Rawlinson’s day.  They beat a spirited challenge from Ayscough by just 10 points.  In the girls’competition, Hansard were victorious so they can take some heart from that.  All in all, it was a marvellous day.

Continued inter-school athletics success

Our Sports Day on Thursday took place the day after schools from all over North Lincolnshire had met together for our Superzone competition.  This is a really splendid event in which the standards are extremely high.  We were once again the defending champions. Indeed, we are the only school ever to have won the competition over the five years of its existence.  However, we faced some serious challenges from our competitors.  In the end, however, it was another extremely successful day for our teams.  Both of our Year 8 teams were victorious, as were our Year 9 Girls’ and both of our Year 10 teams and we were declared the winners – for the sixth year running – by over 40 points.  This is an exceptional mark of distinction for our PE department and all of our athletes: we are very proud of them all!

A tremendous Year 7 Residential

Last weekend, 66 Year 7 students and 10 members of staff travelled to the Newlands Valley near Keswick in the Lake District and enjoyed a fantastic weekend of activities and challenges.  This is the second year running that we have been to Newlands and so we know the Centre very well by now and we are extremely pleased with them.  Our students and staff acquitted themselves impressively and worked extremely well together.  You can see many pictures on our School website and many more on the “Flickr” link.  This trip was another reason to be extremely proud of our students.

Some recent notable achievements

I am extremely proud of everyone involved with “Caistor Focus”, our School Newspaper, which at the Awards ceremony in London was “Highly Commended” for the Shine School Newspaper of the Year Award.  This is the third year running that we have reached the finals which is an extremely impressive achievement.  Congratulations go to everyone in the team and especially to Mr Richard Davey, our new Managing Editor.  Year 12 student, Annabel May, also received a “Highly Commended” Award for Student Journalist of the Year – one of only three students to be so honoured.  Many congratulations to her.  Congratulations also go to our Year 8/9 Maths Challenge team who reached the Final of the competition in London.  Thanks go to Mr Chris Frost, Head of Maths, for organising this.

There have been a lot of trips to enjoy over recent days.  Our Year 7 students travelled to Whisby near Lincoln on three successive days run by Mrs Tara Taylor and the Biology Department.  These trips were very much appreciated.  Our Year 8 students travelled to Flamborough near Bridlington as part of their geographical studies.  Thanks to Mr Nick Robinson and Mr Ed Cook for organising this trip.  Year 8 students also benefited from an International Weekend run by Dr Dan Wilton and Mr Andy Holland.  Thanks are due to all members of staff who supported this trip.  We have also had a large number of students involved in the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award practice and assessed expeditions.  Thanks go to Mrs Jo Hoare, in charge of Duke of Edinburgh, for organising these expeditions and many teaching and non-teaching members of staff and friends of the School for their support.

There is still plenty of life left in the term.  Next week, we look forward to welcoming next year’s Year 7 and we look forward to our Summer Term Concert at 7pm in the School gym next Wednesday 9th July as well as our School Walk on Friday 11th July.  Meanwhile, each year group of students continue to receive their Assessment or Report this Term and we are extremely pleased with the quality achieved by nearly all of our students in these so I send warm congratulations to all who have done so well.

School Uniform

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our School uniform requirements and allow you to prepare for the start of the 2014/15 school year.

We are continuing to uphold our standards to ensure that school uniform is worn smartly – thank you for your continued support with this.  Please can I ask that parents pay particular attention to the uniform items of girls’ skirts – which in some cases do not adhere to the School guidelines.  This should be a box pleat skirt, no shorter than mid-thigh length.  In addition, girls’ trousers should be a formal black style and should not be of a “skinny”/tight fit, nor should they be a typical 5 pocket jean style.  (For further guidelines please see items on the website of our uniform providers Greenswear (  The only jewellery which should be worn is a wrist watch, single plain ring and single ear studs; it would be helpful if students were encouraged not to come to school wearing wrist bands.  Make-up and nail varnish are also not permitted.

Attached is a copy of the School uniform guidelines for 2014/15 – this can also be found on the parents’ page of the School website.

Parking in Caistor

The issue of where Sixth Form students and parents park in Caistor during School days or at the start or end of School days is a vexed one.  We are very grateful to Caistor Town Council for providing a car park on North Kelsey Road, just down from the North Kelsey entrance to our School on the right which can be used free of charge and which is close to the School.  We ask students and parents not to park on Church Street, since this inconveniences local residents, and we also ask parents not to park near to the School exit on North Kelsey Road at the start or end of the day, since buses are dropping off students or picking them up.  Your co-operation is very much appreciated in enabling us to work harmoniously with our local community.

With very best wishes

Yours sincerely