The Amazing Oliver! Letter

Posted on 7th November 2014

An amazing production of “Oliver”

We were all enthralled the week before half term with the superb production of “Oliver!”. The large cast of over 60 students (with almost as many people helping back stage!) gave tremendous performances and all three evenings were sold out. The professionalism of the acting, musical playing, staging, directing and overall production was of the highest quality. Much thanks goes to all of the students who were involved, and to my many colleagues who supported the production, including many who helped “Front of House”, and in particular, Mrs Ailsa Wish, Mrs Kathleen Watson, Mr Michael Robinson, and the production team of Mrs Katherine Jago and Miss Emily Mackin, and Directors, Mr Robert Harris, and Mrs Frances Thompson. The programme also paid tribute to the large numbers of parents of the school who contributed, particularly Mrs Bernadette Harris, who co-ordinated the production of costumes with support from many but especially Mrs Nicky Colley and Mrs Monica Kent.

Newly elected Governors

We are very pleased to welcome a new Governor to our Governing Body. Mrs Amanda Langford is our new Parent Governor. She is the mother of a Year 7 student and was the only candidate in our recent election so she is elected unopposed. However so that you may know more about her, I enclose her statement prepared for her candidature.

“As a parent governor I would work enthusiastically to maintain the high standards and strengths of the school, continuing and supporting Caistor Grammar’s reputation for providing a happy, secure and challenging environment for all children.

As a parent governor at a primary school in Winteringham, I have gained experience and knowledge that will enable me to be an active team member of Caistor’s governing body. I have participated in a number of governor committees, Safeguarding, Curriculum, Personnel, and included staff recruitment, Head Teacher pay and Appraisal Reviews. I have completed the relevant North Lincolnshire Council Governor Training.
I joined Winteringham School’s governors to support and develop a policy for the more able children, including additional sport and music activities. At my initiation the school now brings in music teachers for piano and guitar lessons and takes part in inter school competitions such as TATA ‘Kids of Steel’.
I have found that being a governor is rewarding and challenging but my experience of working in the public sector for over 26 years has provided me with the skills and ability to relate to people from all social backgrounds and treat issues and concerns with integrity. As my child has just started Year 7 at Caistor, I can easily commit to a minimum term of four years as she will continue at the school for the next five, possibly seven years.

I strongly believe in being supportive of, and completely involved in the educational community my children attend and hope to bring my experience and commitment to the role of Parent Governor at Caistor Grammar.”

We thank Mrs Langford very much for being prepared to serve the School in this way and wish her well in her new role. Mr Martin Shaw has also been re-elected un-opposed as a Parent Governor, and we are grateful that he is prepared to continue to serve as a Governor.

A memorable Sports Assembly

We hosted our annual Sports Assembly on Friday 17th October, with the aim of publicly recognising and rewarding the success and dedication of our top sports performers. I am very grateful to the PE Department for all their work in producing this, especially our Head of PE, Mr Andy Shutes. We were very pleased to welcome Ben Pipes, the GB volleyball Captain and Rob Watson, the Foundation Phase Lead Coach with Scunthorpe United FC.

This year bespoke trophies were awarded to the ‘Players’ Player’ in Football and Netball, progress and achievement awards for performance in Athletics and finally the overall Junior and Intermediate Sportsperson of the Year. We are, once again, extremely grateful to the Design and Technology Department and thank Head of Department, Graham Dobson for creating these trophies awarded. The 2013/2014 winners are listed below:

Year Football Winners Netball Winners
7 Joshua Hyldon Emily Barrett
8 Jamie Wallace Jessica Edwards
9 Tommy Rollinson Holly Mottram
10 Jack Wilson Orla Knowles
Year Male Athletes Female Athletes
7 William Tate Emily Barrett
8 Declan Bell Lucy Wilson
9 Sam Redgate-Large Imogen Smith
10 George Gillott Holly Horton

Overall Sports Performers of the Year
Junior boys winner Angus Haswell (9Z)
Inter boys winner Chad Dawson (11Y)
Junior girls winner Jessica Edwards (9Y)
Inter girls winner Bridie Salmon (11Y)

Recent Events

The Year 9/10 Outdoor Pursuits trip recently took place in Castleton, Derbyshire at the Hollowford Activities Centre and was enjoyed by 60 students. It was run by Mr Chris Frost who did an excellent job and kept his enthusiastic team of helpers up to the mark. This included Mr Michael Robinson, Mr Darren Huart, Mrs Emma Marris, and Mrs Gill Cook and myself.

We are delighted to have hosted a visit from students in Tangshan Foreign Language School, China and especially to the families of many of our International Ambassadors who hosted our visitors. A new generation of 12 International Ambassadors are now nearing the end of their very successful visit to China and we are grateful to Mr Michael Robinson for accompanying them.

There have been several trips recently and more information and photos to be seen on our School website Our Year 12 Geographers went on a residential field trip to Derbyshire. We are grateful to Mr Nick Robinson, Head of Geography, for organising this. Some of our Year 10 and Year 12 maths and computing students went to Bletchley Park and we are grateful to Mr Tom Smith, Head of Computing, for organising this visit. There have been several theatre trips run by the English Department and we are grateful to Mrs Briony McNeilly and Mrs Monica Jacques for organising these.
The Friends of Caistor Grammar School recently held their Annual General Meeting and we are grateful to everyone who attended this meeting. The officers for this year are: Mrs Monica Kent (Chair), Mrs Nicky Colley (Vice Chair), Mrs Alison Hannath (Treasurer) and Mrs Katherine Jago (Minutes Secretary). The next meeting is on Tuesday 18 November and everyone is welcome to attend.

Celebrating Children in Need

Next Friday, 14th November, we will be celebrating Children in Need by having a Fancy Dress Day. I am grateful to the Senior Prefect Team for their support and enthusiasm in pushing for this very worthy charitable activity. I do hope that students will enter into the spirit of it and dress in style. We are charging £1 for the privilege so we hope to raise a sizeable amount for the charity. Please do support your children’s efforts for this event.

Some recent personal achievements

I am very pleased to celebrate some recent student achievements. Emilia Dutton (9Z) is a member of the North Lincolnshire Music Centre and attended a workshop with members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and composed a 7 minute piece of music which was premiered at the Baths Hall, Scunthorpe. William Chico (10Z) completed the Spires and Steeples Lincolnshire marathon, running from Lincoln Castle to Sleaford and was also the “guest” starter at last week’s Cleethorpes Parkrun. Sally Belcher (11Y) and Harriet Burniston (11Y) both gained distinctions in the recent Intermediate Maths Olympiad for Girls. This is a tremendous achievement as this competition is for students in the Sixth Form. Congratulations to all of them.

Procedure for requesting absence for medical appointments and for students taken ill during the school day

There have been several occasions recently where students who feel ill have taken it upon themselves to ring their parents asking to be picked up before getting permission to leave school. The correct procedure if a student feels ill is for them to pick up a “Permission to go home ill” slip from the School Office. This then requires completing and the student must get it signed by their Form Tutor, their Head of Year, a member of the Senior Leadership Team or Mrs Anna Sharp, who is in charge of First Aid in school. The form then needs to be returned to Mrs Newton in the School Office who will then ring either a parent or guardian for them to be picked up. When the parent arrives, they need to sign their child out of school. Under no circumstances must the student phone or text home requesting their Parent/Guardian to collect them.

Term dates 2014/2016

I am happy to enclose the term dates for the next 18 months. I very much hope that you will be able to respect them and to take any planned holiday or trips outside all term time. The School now has an Attendance Policy which can be accessed on the School website. If you do need to request to remove your child from School at any time, there is a special form for this, “Request for Absence” which can be obtained from the School Office and which must be returned to me at the School in good time. The form can also be downloaded from the School website.

There have been issues recently whereby students have been signing out for medical appointments without completing a “Request for absence” form. This is a requirement for all absences, including medical, and not just for holiday requests.

With very best wishes

Yours sincerely


Term Dates 2014-16