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The “Farewell and Thank You” Letter

Posted on 18th July 2016

Farewell and thank you to some departing members of staff

At the end of this Term, we are saying farewell to a number of colleagues.

Mr Ed Cook has been Deputy Head of the School for over 20 years having joined us on the same day I started as Head in January 1996.  For most of that time, he has been the only Deputy Head in the School, in charge of day to day events at CGS, and a constant reference point for members of staff offering them support, encouragement and good advice.  His office is situated directly across from the Staff Room, right at the centre of our School and it is indeed appropriate, since he has been very closely involved in most aspects of CGS life.

I would like to highlight 4 areas in which his support has been invaluable: the smooth day to day running of the School, especially during exam periods (this requires an enormous amount of communication and planning as well as patience – the reason that things seem to go well so much of the time at CGS is in no small part down to him); the considerable development of our School site over the last 20 years which has brought many new buildings and re-modelled improvements, which have involved him in co-ordinating bids and carrying out the supervision of building works; his unstinting support of colleagues, in good times and bad, and, of course, his excellent teaching in the Geography department, where he has been teaching both GCSE and A level very successfully for over 20 years.  In short, he has played an immense part in the development and success of CGS.  We wish Ed a long and fulfilling retirement.

Mrs Ailsa Wish has been Head of Art since the mid-1980s and has contributed nearly 30 years of service.  (Her teaching career has lasted 35 years).  She is currently the longest serving member of staff at CGS.  For many of these years she has also been the only Art teacher in the School, single-handedly managing art classes from Year 7 right through to Year 13.  Her stamina and indefatigable enthusiasm for all things Art have been remarkable.  Furthermore, her shrewd, thoughtful, analytical approach has brought out the best in countless students over the years and the quality of her own art work (recently exhibited at Caistor Arts Centre, and regularly impressing audiences in our annual School production) is indisputable.  For many, many years she has also been a stalwart of the Year 7 tutor team showing maternal concern to students finding their feet at their new school.  Mrs Wish has decided to retire as a result of recently becoming a grandmother.  We thank her very much for her service and wish her all the best for a long, well deserved retirement.

Tom Smith has spent his entire teaching career of 9 years at CGS and leaves us now to pursue a different career in business.  He has made a huge contribution to developing the teaching of first ICT, and then computing in the School.  He has also involved himself in many trips and activities, including participating in our annual ski trip on a number of occasions and leading it once.  We thank him and wish him well.  Ryan Bradley has been at CGS for 2 years in the Design and Technology department and leaves us to take up a new teaching position in an international school in Stockholm.  We wish him well.

We would like to say thank you to Mr Ian Dawson who has been a part-time teacher of Science at KS3 and KS4 working with us for the last 3 years.  His help has been invaluable and he has brought a great weight of professional experience and expertise as well as a wry sense of humour.  We are very grateful to him.

We have had 2 trainee PE teachers working with us this year, Rebecca Heald and James Whyley.  They have both done exceptionally well and completed their courses very successfully.  We wish them well as they now move onto a teaching career.  We have had a number of “Student Technicians” on 1 year contracts who will be leaving at the end of this year.  They have all made excellent contributions to the life of the School.  Charlotte Adamson in the PE department is going to go on to be a trainee PE teacher with us next year.  Ellie Robey has done a wonderful job in Performing Arts and Ken Ward has been a great asset in the Science department.  We thank them very much.  Esad Halilovic has been our Comenius Assistant since January and we are very grateful to him for the lively and enthusiastic contribution he has made to the School during his stay with us.

We send grateful thanks to Mrs Julie Wolseley, who has been Deputy Head of Sixth Form for the last 5 years and has done much excellent work in this role but the School-wide responsibilities as lead on Safeguarding in the School means that she has decided to step down from this role at the end of this Term.  Mr Nick Robinson has been a long-serving Head of Geography and Head of Politics.  He has decided to move to a part-time position in the School and to relinquish his position as Head of Geography (but not as Head of Politics).  We are hugely grateful for all he has done to make Geography such a successful subject in the School and we are pleased that he is continuing to work with us.  I am delighted to say that we are fully staffed for September with a splendid team of colleagues and will be announcing all new appointments to you in my first newsletter in September.

Sports day in the rain

The weather did not make the running of Sports Day at King George V Stadium in Grimsby very easy this year.  Herculean efforts were made to carry out as many of the activities as possible before the deluge arrived but we were not able to complete all events on the day.  However, this has now been done and we are able to send congratulations to Ayscough who won the Girls’ event (with Rawlinson in 2nd and Hansard in 3rd) and Rawlinson who won the Boys’ event (with Ayscough in 2nd and Hansard in 3rd).  When these two individual events are put together, you will see that Ayscough won Sports Day by just 3 points in an extraordinarily close encounter.  We are very grateful to the PE department and indeed to all those colleagues who helped to run the events on the day, to the Sixth Form leaders for their noisy and enthusiastic mobilisation of their Houses, to our 3 House Heads, Mr Markham (Ayscough), Miss Turner (Hansard) and Mrs Cooke (Rawlinson).  We are very grateful to the Friends for their invaluable support during the day as well and to all those parents who braved the weather to come and support us.

No fewer than 8 Sports Day records were broken on the day and the table below lists these in more detail.  Congratulations to all our new record holders.

Year groupNameEvent Record
7Henry Cullen1500m5m 12s
8Finlay Lawrence800m2m 27.23s
9Guy AnnisHurdles12.79s
9William Tate400m56.41
10Thomas Christie1500m4m 32.00s
10Angus HaswellHurdles 100m16.08s
10Angus HaswellShot Putt13m 64cm
10Alex SedmanHigh Jump1m 75cm

A fantastic School Walk

Last Friday we had a tremendous School Walk and much enjoyed the good natured bonhomie and camaraderie that existed during the nearly 13 mile event.  I am extremely impressed by how well our students completed the activity and am very grateful to all my colleagues, especially Mr Michael Robinson, who co-ordinated the event for making it possible.  Once again, invaluable support was provided by the Friends.  This year we are once again raising money for the charity, Water Aid, and we would appreciate it if students would bring in their fund-raising forms and the money they have raised as soon as possible.

A great range of trips and activities

Students in the Lower Sixth have been involved in a Higher Education Evening at School.  Year 12 students have also been on a Geography trip to Lincoln.  Thanks go to Mr Nick Robinson, Head of Geography, for organising this.  We have also had another Newspaper Day and you will be able to read all that was written on that occasion in the latest edition of Caistor Focus which will be available before the end of Term.  Y12 Geography students went on a data collection trip to Lincoln.  Thanks go to Mr Nick Robinson, Head of Geography, for organising this.  Students in Y12 visited the World War 1 Battlefields and thanks go to Mrs Briony McNeilly, Head of English, for organising this trip and to Mr Richard Davey for leading it.  Y12 Chemistry students went on a visit to the chemistry department of Hull University and thanks go to Mr Gavin Cooke, Head of Science, for organising this.  We are grateful to several local businesses who participated in the Aspirational Day for Science, which was recently held for Y11 students, and also the two day Challenge of Industry for Y12 students.  Thanks go to Mr Gavin Cooke, Head of Science, for organising the Aspirational Science day and to Mrs Julie Wolseley, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, for organising the Challenge of Industry.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has also been very active and successful during the Summer Term with Gold practice and assessed expeditions.  We are grateful to Mrs Jo Hoare, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Co-ordinator for organising these.

Y9 enjoyed a bowling evening last night and thanks go to Mrs Allison Clark, Head of Middle School, for organising this.  Our Primary PE festival will be held next week and we are very grateful to the Year 10 and Sixth Form students for supporting this event.

School Uniform

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our school uniform requirements and allow you to prepare for the start of the 2016/17 school year.

We continue to work hard to ensure that school uniform is worn smartly – thank you for your continued support with this.  Please can I ask that parents pay particular attention to the uniform items of girls’ skirts.  This should be a box pleat skirt, worn longer than mid-thigh length.  In addition girls’ trousers should be a formal black style and should not be of a ‘skinny’/tight fit, nor should they be a typical 5 pocket jean style.  For further guidelines please see items on the web site of our uniform providers Greenswear (  The boys should wear charcoal grey trousers, not black.  The only jewellery which should be worn is a wrist watch, single plain ring and single ear studs; it would be helpful if students were encouraged not to come to school wearing wrist bands.  Make up and nail varnish are also not permitted, and hair accessories should be discreet.

Attached is a copy of the school uniform guidelines for 2015/16 – this can also be found on the parent’s page of the School web site.

Friends of Caistor Grammar School  

The raffle organised by the Friends has been a tremendous success with £2512 being raised.  We are grateful to everyone who bought tickets and to all the local businesses which provided prizes.  These are listed on the School website.  Thanks go to Mrs Tracey Edwards, Chair of the Friends, Mrs Sharon Ferguson, Vice Chair of the Friends and Mrs Alison Hannath, Treasurer, for co-ordinating the raffle.  Well done to the winning form,7Y, who were delighted to win a wheelbarrow of chocolate.

Our Summer Term will end at the normal time with our Commemoration Service on Thursday 21st July when our guest will be the Right Reverend Christopher Lowson, Bishop of Lincoln.  The Autumn Term will start on Monday 5th September 2016.

I wish all connected with Caistor Grammar School a happy, adventurous and fulfilling summer break.

With very best wishes

Yours sincerely


School Uniform 2015-2016