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The what you think of us Letter

Posted on 17th December 2013

Festive greetings and celebrating Christmas

I am delighted to send you festive greetings and I hope that you and your families enjoy a very uplifting Christmas and New Year. At the end of a very long Autumn Term we can reflect with considerable satisfaction on the achievements of this Term and, indeed, this calendar year at CGS. The results of Assessments/Reports for all students in the School suggest a very impressive track record of continued improvement and much hard work. I am grateful for all the support that you give to the School and to your children in their School work.

Christmas is already in full swing at CGS. We enjoyed a tremendous Christmas lunch last Wednesday and gave – on more than one occasion – a resounding three cheers for Mrs Amanda Gould and her hardworking and talented catering team. She produced over 650 Christmas lunches, which we think is a record for us and what is even better, every one of them was superb! Our Autumn Concert, also last Wednesday was a delightful occasion which showcased the musical talent of our students. Pictures from it are available on our website. We are very grateful to Mrs Frances Thompson, our Head of Music, Mrs Kathleen Watson, Mrs Angela Warmoth and Mr Michael Robinson for his technical support. We are also grateful to our two Performing Arts Technicians, Miss Emily Hood and Miss Megan Thompson. Music making continues this week in the form of our Christmas Evening which is taking place at 7pm on Tuesday 17th December in Caistor Parish Church. We do hope that you will be able to join us for this memorable occasion which culminates in a reception by the Friends of Caistor Grammar School of mulled wine and mince pies. This is always a very special event. Thank you to those of you who have contributed to our Friends’ Christmas Wish List! It is not too late to do so however if you would like to.

Term ends at the normal time on Friday 20th December and is marked by our Service of Nine Lessons and Carols in Caistor Parish Church. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate parents at this event because the church is full of students.

Results of the Students’ Questionnaire

I am pleased to attach the results of the Student Questionnaire carried out earlier this Term and to provide last year’s for comparison purposes. You will see that in many of the questions, the answers are very similar and that our student body have a fairly settled view about life at our School. However, there is an overall tendency for the answers to be more positive this year than last. Since they were very positive last year too, this is very pleasing. We have discussed this questionnaire at the School Council and at the Sixth Form Council as well as at a meeting of the Senior Leadership Team and of the Governors Curriculum and Pupil Welfare Committee. We take student comments very seriously. As a result of the questionnaire, we will be reviewing our practices as far as homework is concerned to try and get greater clarity over what we do and more consistency in our practice. Homework is a very important part of the learning process but not always a tremendously popular one!

Results of the Parents’ Questionnaire

I am also delighted to enclose for you the results of the Parents’ Questionnaire for 2013 and a comparator of the 2012 results for you to peruse. There is once again considerable consistency in the views of parents and I am also pleased to report another very positive outcome. We have been carrying out Parents’ Questionnaires since 1994 – nearly 20 years – and every one of them has had a parental approval rating of 95% or better. This year’s 98% agree total goes with an average point score of 1.31 which mirrors the result of last year’s. We will once again be scrutinising the results very carefully and thank you for taking the trouble to fill the forms in.

And finally ……………..

I believe that things at CGS are going extremely well as we prepare for our seasonal break. I look forward to seeing students returning on Tuesday 7th January and to the excitements of a new year and a new Term then.

With very best wishes

Yours sincerely