11+ parking. If you are coming to our 11+ tests over the next two weeks, please remember that parking in Caistor is difficult! We would encourage you to use our Sports Field, as indicated on the map which we emailed to you last week. If this is full, please park with consideration towards our local residents. Please also remember to bring a copy of your child's name and seat number

Year 10 French Enrichment Day & KS4 French Play

Posted on 9th March 2017

On Wednesday, Year 10 students studying GCSE were involved in a French enrichment day, run by some of our Year 11 and Year 12 students studying French. The day started with a French play, le café, which Year 11 also attended. It was an hour long crazy French farce involving body parts, toilet paper, mobile phones and a lot of costume changes.

Afterwards, Year 10 split into groups and attended interactive sessions led by Sixth Formers on diverse cultural topics such as French pop music, poetry, art and films. The event was put on to allow our Year 10 students, who will be the first to take the new GCSE, to experience a little of the cultural content of the new GCSE.