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Year 7 History visit to Conisbrough castle

Posted on 11th June 2019

The glorious keep, walls, inner bailey and a chance to ‘Meet the Medievals’

The onset of the June monsoon didn’t dampen the spirits of students from Year 7 on their visit to Conisbrough Castle near Doncaster on Friday 7th June. This was an opportunity for students to develop their understanding of the main developments in castle construction during the medieval period. The visit included tours by Mr. Croft, Mrs. Dowthwaite and Mr. McTernan of the keep, walls and inner bailey for students to gather notes for their final assessment task of the year. They also had a hands-on experience investigating artefacts, to discover the various medieval people who were part of castle life with Miss. Dales. No ice-creams in the castle bailey were had this year but hopefully next time…