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A Great Final Day for Year 11

Year 11 students celebrated their final day on Friday in style before starting a period of study leave and their GCSE Exams.  Dressed as a combination of superheroes, cheerleaders and eclectic mix of characters Year 11 enjoyed sunshine, doughnuts and photos from their five years at CGS before heading off to Elsham for a bout [&hellip…

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Year 11 Leave In Style

Year 11 have today celebrated their last day of school before study leave starts.  Many dressed up for the occasion wearing fancy dress before changing into combat gear for a day of Paint Balling.  A great day was capped with the presentation of their Yearbook in the school’s Old Hall…

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Sponge the Teacher

Year 11’s fundraising campaign for their Yearbook has now included an opportunity for students and even some colleagues to ‘Sponge the Teacher’. Mrs Donoghue took the first soaking of the day followed by a Maths department double of Mr Frost (in his best suit!) and Mr Calloway. Mr Hale and Mr McTernan proved particularly popular [&hellip…

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