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BBC School Reports 2018

Science’s Star Stephen Hawking Passes Away
A world renowned physicist; an inspirational author; an encouraging professor: yesterday (Wednesday 14th March 2018) marked the day that Stephen Hawking passed away peacefully at his home in Cambridge. Yet, despite doctors’ prophecies, this amazing man lived the most successful 76 years science has ever seen.

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Vaccines without needles?
Researchers from Cardiff have developed a prototype of an influenza vaccine that could be delivered by taking a pill. The pill works by using artificial proteins that are the ‘mirror image’ of the influenza virus. These proteins can survive the conditions inside the stomach, which has been an issue in administrating oral vaccines until this point.

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More mental health awareness is needed

The average maximum waiting time for a first appointment with CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) is 6 months, and nearly 10 months until the start of their journey of treatment. This isn’t fair therefore more mental health awareness is needed.

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The plastic that’s in your water
Did you know that you have a chance of drinking plastic every time you crack open some bottled water?

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YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong – Man Shot Dead by Girlfriend
A US woman has been sentenced to six months in prison after shooting her boyfriend in a fame-seeking mishandled stunt.

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Is The Internet Suitable For Children?
The internet is something so many children use nowadays. Almost six out of ten children, ages three to 17 use the Internet at home. The internet is a way to allow children to escape from the real world, but do we really want the children of our world escaping into a platform so dangerous and cruel? The internet may hold useful information but the bad is flooding this virtual ‘world’ and children are the victims. Click below to listen to the story.


Parents Fined £24 Million for Term Time Holidays
Parents in England and Wales have been fined £24 million for taking their children on holiday in term time.The government states that children from their 5th birthday until the last Friday of June when they are 16. The government give the local councils various legal powers to give the parents: a Parenting Order, an Education Supervision Order, a School Attendance Order or a fine.Most families go on holiday during term time because they take advantage of the much cheaper, off peak prices, rather than the more expensive prices in half-terms or summer holidays.

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Britain’s plans to build a new £48 million chemical defence centre

The UK is planning to build a new chemical defence centre in response to rising tensions with North Korea and Russia. The defence secretary Gavin Williamson said the new centre is to be located in the Defence Science and Technology Labratory in Porton Down. The cost planned is an estimated £48 million.

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Yorkshire performer nominated for second Olivier
Hull-born Michael Jibson has been nominated for an esteemed Olivier Award for his supporting role as King George III in the hit musical Hamilton: An American Musical. He grew up in Hessle, 21 miles from Caistor. Hamilton is about the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

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Shocking strike causes disruption
In the last two weeks, 61 universities have taken part in the 14 day strike action. The reason behind the strike is based on the decision of the UUK (Universities UK) to change the pension scheme from DB (Defined benefit, where staff are guaranteed money no matter how long they live) to DC (Defined contribution, where staff could run out of money if they live longer than expected).  Unions claim this will take off £10,000 per year in retirement for university colleagues. This means if a person retiring at 65 lives until 85, then they will lose £200,000. Many university staff feel that they will put in more money but get less out.

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Public Speaking Competition
Last Thursday, at Caistor Grammar School, we had a Public Speaking Competition. We are Monica, Flora and Evie and we are here to tell you more about this extraordinary event. Click below to listen to the story.

School Absences
After 35 councils in England have changed their policies on fining parents for term-time holidays, we decided to report on school absences. Statistics show that more than 100 parents per school day are being prosecuted for taking their children out of school, so, we asked Will for his opinion on this matter. Click below to listen to the story.

Our report is an audio investigation into how students and staff alike feel towards the Nerve Gas attack in Salisbury. It gives listeners a firsthand view into how members of our school feel towards this incident and how they feel it should be dealt with. Click below to listen to the story.

What we need to do to change our education system
In our current education system, a student’s self-worth is based upon their grades more often than not and even worse, grades don’t give an accurate portrayal of one’s intelligence. Intelligence is a complex, multi-dimensional quality which no one can measure definitely. Despite this, we have tried for the past two centuries.

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The Crème Egg
A Birmingham pub has taken Easter to the top by creating a seasonal treat of a crème egg filled Yorkshire pudding. The pub’s manager called the invention  famous for its gigantic Yorkshire Puddings and they recently unveiled the mesmerising hybrid of sweet and savoury. Though many people on social media believe it is ‘random’ and ‘strange’ to combine these two nearly opposite foods, it is proving to be quite popular, and is currently spreading around Birmingham. The pudding features two chocolate sponge cakes, sandwiched between white and orange fondant, decorated with crème eggs, encased in a giant Yorkshire pudding. Many users on Twitter say that they have ruined Crème Eggs and they’re not the same anymore.

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United Airlines Liable for Death of Dog
Beloved French bulldog, Kokito, passed away earlier this week on a flight from Houston to New York after an in-flight attendant told her 11 year-old owner to put her in the overhead locker.

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