Caistor Grammar SchoolAdmissions Process

Admissions Process

(Taken from the School’s Admissions Policy)

Caistor Grammar School is a co-educational 11 to 18 selective school. The school became Grant Maintained in September 1991, when the school’s admissions policy was included in the school’s proposals for Acquisition of Grant Maintained Status. It became a Foundation School on September 1st 1999 and an Academy on 1st December 2010. The school follows the Lincolnshire County Co-ordinated Admission Scheme.

Applicants will take Verbal Reasoning tests in the Autumn Term of Year 6. The School will administer these tests. Only children who attain a total score of 220 or more in the tests will be eligible for entry. This corresponds to the county-wide standard required in Lincolnshire for entry to LEA grammar schools and is designed to select the upper 25% of the ability range.

Please note the closing date for registration to take our entrance paper for September 2019 is 31st August 2018.

Admissions Policy for entry 2019






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